Introductions Are Always Awkward


If you are reading this, then congratulations! You have made it past the horrible death traps and dead ends to make it to this terminal! Good for you! 

While you are here, please take a look around, I’m sure you will enjoy yourself! Enjoyment is mandatory and any infractions are dealt with severely! 

Yes, things seem a bit empty, and I must admit, there are plenty of things going on to keep anyone occupied, and I can’t say that things outside of this laboratory are any less distracting than what goes on within. Still, progress must press on!  

I’m starting with this blog because, well, I enjoy writing words as much as I enjoy writing and performing music! I’m sure there are still a few people out there that will read this, so might as well scratch that writing itch and keep others informed of developments as they come. Maybe I could go into some of the processes, maybe even things I’ve learned.  

I will be honest, I am not exactly the youngest in this field, and maybe those that have waited longer to begin might have something to gain from where I have fallen short?  

Either way, I am glad that you are here with me, and I hope you will decide to join me. It sure beats having to go back the way you came and I doubt those alligators are any less hungry this time around.

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