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Now on Bandcamp! (and Update) 

You called for it, and it is delivered!

For those of you that have a BandCamp account, you can visit and follow on there for releases!

Also, for your convenience, the single "Into The Breach" is available on the main site!

Hard at work with another track! Stop by the Twitch channel to catch previously recorded VODs of the creation and follow along for upcoming work!

It SHOULD be able to be safely streamed on Twitch without problem. If you DO have problems, TELL ME! I want you to show my work to your viewers!

Opening for Feedback! 

Hello Interns!

So some of you have been asking for me to open up some of my new music for feedback. I say this a wonderful idea! So I've brought my SoundCloud account up to speed and brought out a nice rough mix of a piece recently finished composing from this week of live streams!


Feel free to take a listen! If you have an account with SoundCloud, please feel free to comment! Something need to be tweaked? Something not sound right? Let me know here or there!

The Plan Going Foward 

Hello Interns! 

I wanted to catch you all up with how things are going in the laboratory. Yes, things have been rough on all of us, and I am happy that we are all finding our ways of coping! Things have been quiet here for a bit, so here's the shakeup that is going on! 

There are plans in the works for releasing more content in the coming times, primarily of which is the goal of releasing a new, polished, ready to go tune per month! Thankfully I am going to take advantage of what's left of October to get a head start and try to get ahead of the game. The way things are leaning, for now, I haven't been very pleased with my singing, and lyrical content. So that's going on a back burner. I am taking this opportunity to get back in touch with more instrumental works, focusing on my strength as a clarinet and saxophone player.  

YES! You heard correct! While some are familiar with my more mercenary work as a saxophonist for individuals and bands, I have a degree in music with a focus on woodwinds! My saxophone is second only to my Clarinet in terms of how long I've been practicing them. I think it's time to contribute to the musical community some of what I have to say in the instrumental space! 

In-between these monthly releases, I am gearing up to start work as an Online Busker! I have visited and befriended some very talented people on services such as Twitch. So I thought this would be a good way to get more experience with audiences (in the absence of so many venues due to the current health concerns around the globe). The plan of it is simple: For starters, it's just going to be me performing as if I was on the street, only instead of feeling awkward standing and listening, you can simply keep me running in another tab and go about your work! If you want to hang out with me, I would be more than happy to talk with you, but as this is more of an audio-focused thing (on a video platform, I know), there will be visuals to at least mark what is going on at the time for those browsing. We'll see how this works out!  

For those who listen on SoundCloud, I have an account there but have not given enough attention to it in recent years. THAT WILL CHANGE! Atop of the normal releases on Apple Music, Spotify, et cetera, I am looking to release these on SoundCloud to bring things to your ease of access!  

Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope to bring more great music to you all! 


Dr. Thallium