Some Changes Going On 

News from the very top: Dr. Thallium is pushing to make music for more of a living!

So for those who may have follow my Twitter account, things aren't going so hot. I have decided that for the sake of my happiness, I am doubling down to get my music going and out into the world.

Currently, I am working on a single that is close to mixing stage. After that, it's a matter of getting a master and scheduling a release. I will announce it when it is ready, so don't worry!

Going forward, there will be need to get income flowing to better aid my day job to make bills and to afford to take care of myself. To accomplish this I am going to try to open up for commissions, but I will need to assess my needs and what I can get done. To better help potential clients, I am going to make some small clips of different styles of music to listen to and see where my strengths are. SoundCloud will probably be the best place to keep this Digital Demo Reel.

If you have the means to take care of your own needs first, and have something to spare, please consider donating to the Laboratory!

What your donations help me do:

  • Make ends meet so I am not as scared about whether I am making enough at my current jobs that week (I currently work three part-time jobs)
  • Help pay for outside assistance: Mastering, Artwork, etc.
  • Registration of my work to multiple streaming platforms

When I can get through these points safely, I will consider myself on the right track. No man is an island, and I have already had to rely on others to help me make this happen, so anything you can do to help is invaluable. Thank you.

- Dr. Thallium

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Donate to the Laboratory Fund!

Yes, there will always be a building fund, but anything you contribute here will be just as appreciated and will help me continue to make music and not have to rely on a day gig as much!

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