Update August 2023

So I’ve been having some rough times. I wanted to release an album last year but I’ve been having a variety of issues, namely struggling to find a day gig to pay the bills and keep food in me. But there’s another thing that I wanted to say that I think may be laying deeper than I care to admit. I think I have a problem with wanting to think of ways to monetize things.


I have been struggling to make music that I care about because I’ve been obsessing with how to make money with it so I can do that instead of actually enjoying my work. I have ideas all over the place. I am told by conventional sources that I should focus on a single niche, to the exclusion of all else, and market off of there. I get ideas to write songs, but also instrumentals, but also stuff that doesn’t fit in a “brand”. I get so scared that I will put time into something that will not fit within my “Brand” that it will drive people away from me. So in that fear, I find myself trying to think of marketable things to write, and end up writing nothing at all.


I’m not getting any younger, and I’ve been banging my head on the “make music a career” thing for ages. I’ve had plenty of setbacks, but I am not willing to give up, but it’s been real tempting to me. It’s been like I lost my shot and I didn’t have a thing to add. If you’ve been following me and my work, I cannot thank you enough.


I want to release things. I want to share music with all of you, it’s the best part of the creative field. I just need to get out of this “Grindset” mentality that’s choked out my creativity and just write. I hope to have things going again soon. Things have stabilized in my life, and I am getting to enjoy things without fear of being able to make bills. Thank you all and I hope to make something you can enjoy as well.

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